About Us

ConsumerReviews is dedicated to helping consumers make the optimal purchase decisions when it comes to the home, garden, kitchen, and just about any product category.

While spending far too much time doing research for our own shopping needs, we realized that many other people needed help cutting through the mountains of noise online. So we started ConsumerReviews.

Our reviews are produced by a team of researchers, writers, and product testers who are industry experts in each category. We aim to eliminate the "paradox of choice" for our readers by providing a list of the 5 best products and a "top choice" within each category.

Please note that our recommendations are specifically targeted towards consumers. In other words, we are recommending products for personal and home use. While there is a $5,000 stethoscope out there which may truly be the "best" one on the market, it won't be featured in our ratings because such a unit is designed for a clinical and/or industrial setting and is not meant for the average consumer. Instead, we vouch for the best products that are designed for personal use.

All of our reviews are 100% objective, and we have no direct affiliation with any of the brands or manufacturers whose products we review. However, we do receive a small kickback from the merchant if you do make a purchase through one of the affiliate links on our site. Of course, if you are not satisfied with your purchase and don't like our recommendation, we give back our commission when you return the item.

Please let us know if you are an industry expert in any of the product categories which we review, if you are interesting in being a product tester, or if you have any feedback for us. If you just want to say hi, that's fine too. We would love to hear from you!