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Philips HD9230/26 Digital AirFryer

Pros: A top quality air fryer by a trusted brand. Takes just a small amount of oil and cooks quickly. Its double-layer rack construction provides extra cooking space.

Cons: More expensive than other models we tested, but worth the investment. Somewhat bulky, requiring a lot of space for usage and storage.

Summary: This model's durable construction and top cooking performance make it the best choice available.
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Kalorik Convection Air Fryer

Pros: An air fryer that is capable of making a lot of food in its 4.2-quart capacity unit. Its high performance convection heating technology comes at a surprisingly affordable price.

Cons: This model is large and requires a lot of space.

Summary: A good choice for consumers who want to prepare a lot of food; otherwise it might not be practical for those who want a more basic model.
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Air Fryer with Digital Programmable Settings By Go...

Pros: An affordable model. Features a 2.5- quart cooking capacity and the ability to prepare large portions. Gets good reviews for preparing meat.

Cons: We found that this model's cook settings are not always accurate, which can result in under-cooked food that requires additional frying time.

Summary: Though affordable, its few flaws that include inaccurate cook settings make the GoWise USA a better deal.
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T-fal FZ700251 ActiFry

Pros: Manufactured by a reputable brand that consumers recognize. Has a large frying capacity that can prepare more than 2 pounds of food at once.

Cons: A costly, large model that requires a lot of space. Some testers commented that food doesn't turn out with the true deep fried taste they prefer.

Summary: A popular brand, but a costlier model. Other air fryers we tested offer better value for the features and performance.
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GoWISE USA GW22622 2nd Generation Electric Air Fry...

Pros: A fast-cooking model with an affordable price. Has preset modes for convenient food preparation and Rapid Air Circulation technology that health-conscious consumers love.

Cons: Has fewer features than the Philips, but makes up for it in performance and value.

Summary: Almost half the cost of other models with nearly as many features. It has a lot to offer for its low price tag, making it the best value available.