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Britax Frontier G1.1 Clicktight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

Pros: A consumer favorite by a trusted company. Stands out for having an extensive number of safety features and being easy to lock securely into place.

Cons: Though a costly model, consumers consider its durability and safety worth the price.

Summary: The Britax Frontier's quality construction and extensive safety features make it the hands-down best booster car seat available.
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Cosco Juvenile Top Side Booster Car Seat

Pros: A basic and affordable booster car seat. Model stands out for its ability to fit perfectly in most types of vehicles.

Cons: Doesn't have a latch system that many parents prefer for safety. The fit must be precisely considered because large and small children might not fit securely.

Summary: An acceptable choice for those who want a very basic model, though similar models we tested have more to offer.
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Evenflo Amp Performance No Back Booster Car Seat

Pros: Affordable and functional, this model offers safety and value. Its five-point harness system has helped it pass important safety tests for consumer peace of mind.

Cons: We found that this booster car seat doesn't fit well in all vehicles. The narrow seat will be a good fit for some children.

Summary: An affordable choice that focuses on safety, but consumers must check for a good fit before purchasing this model.
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RECARO Performance SPORT Combination Harness to Bo...

Pros: A high-end, solid model that features a five-point harness. Twist-resistant styling adds to its safety.

Cons: Seat is somewhat narrow and might not accommodate larger children. Cup holders are awkward to use.

Summary: Though is offers impressive safety features, its price and few flaws make the Britax Frontier a better choice.
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Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat

Pros: Effortless to install and easy to afford. Boasts superb safety ratings. With the choice of "Cars" or "Disney Princess" themes, stands out for combing safety with style.

Cons: Our reviewers found that larger children might not be able to fit in this booster car seat. It also has the tendency to slide.

Summary: Because of its affordability, safety, and style, this model is by far the best choice for budget-minded parents.