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Our Top Choice

Bosch JS470E

Pros: A powerful jigsaw with excellent performance. Provides the smoothest, most precise cut for all types materials regardless of thickness.

Cons: Though pricey, the payoff is the power, versatility, and quality that this model offers.

Summary: Whether doing professional jobs or small projects, this is by far the best jigsaw on the market.
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Makita 4350FCT

Pros: A rugged model that stands out for its patented dust removal system that makes sawing jobs mess-free.

Cons: This jigsaw comes at a higher price tag than other models we reviewed.

Summary: A great option for consumers who want this model's dust removal system; otherwise its high price makes the Bosch a better choice.
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Pros: Offers a convenient feature that allows users to change the speed during use for precise cutting of different types of materials. Blade moves smoothly during cutting jobs.

Cons: Has less power than other models we reviewed.

Summary: A solid jigsaw, but lacks power compared to similar models. For the price and quality, the Black and Decker is a better choice.
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Makita 4329K

Pros: A compact design that feels good in the hand. A lightweight and very portable model.

Cons: Some users found that sawing at 45 degree angles can be somewhat challenging with this jigsaw.

Summary: A good pick for users who want a compact jigsaw; otherwise the Black and Decker is a better value.
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Black & Decker JS660 Jig Saw

Pros: A model with a popular name brand that stands out for being very user-friendly. Our reviewers found that novice users had no problem operating this tool.

Cons: A basic model with fewer extras than other jigsaws we tested.

Summary: By far the best choice for consumers who want an affordable jigsaw that still has the power to get cutting jobs done.