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Pros: Increases or decreases motor torque depending on the material being cut. Uses a unique blade shaped to chop and mulch clippings efficiently.

Cons: Expensive, but you are paying not only for its advanced technology, but also for the fact that it's built to handle and sustain years of hard service.

Summary: While there are plenty of good lawn mowers out there, there are only a few that make it to the next level, and the WG789 is most certainly one of them.
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Black & Decker SPCM1936 

Pros: With no gas tank to worry about, it can be stored on its end, making it take up considerably less space than other machines on the market.

Cons: The height adjustment is a little confusing, but this is a minor inconvenience considering everything else it has to offer.

Summary: A lawn mower that has overcome many of the shortcomings associated with electric machines by providing adequate power and adjustable speed.
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Husqvarna 5521P 

Pros: A robust, well thought-out machine made by a company with a reputation for quality. Comes with aBriggs & Stratton which is the best on the market.

Cons: Has some difficulty with wet or thick grass.

Summary: The combination of Husqvarna build-quality and Briggs & Stratton power - for under $250 - makes it an unbeatable proposition.
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GreenWorks 25022 

Pros: Larger rear wheels make it easy to maneuver, and you have the option of a rear bag, mulching, or side ejection.

Cons: Needs to be pushed, but it does have powered cutting.

Summary: It may not be the most modern or innovative, but there's no doubt it represents good value for your money.
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Fiskars 17 Inch Staysharp 

Pros: Patent-pending gearing system converts muscle to motion very efficiently, and the hardened steel blades have been precision ground to stay sharper longer.

Cons: Is entirely manual - i.e. you have to push it.

Summary: If you want a push mower, the Fiskars is tough to beat. It's well designed, well made, does a great job of cutting, and it will even help you keep fit.