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Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Pros: Runs incredibly smoothly and slices effortlessly with a 7-inch stainless steel blade. The titled carriage provides precise slicing, and the components disassemble easily for cleaning.

Cons: While a powerful slicer, it slows down somewhat when slicing dense items.

Summary: The best on the market. Gets top marks for its durable, attractive construction, easy cleaning, and exceptional performance.
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MaxiMatic EMT-503B Elite Gourmet 130-Watt Die-Cast...

Pros: Gets high marks for having a large slicing platform. The retractable 7.5-inch blade is great for cutting firm meats, cheeses, and produce and is easy to clean. The aluminum die-cast exterior is both attractive and rugged.

Cons: We noticed that this 130-watt slicer is somewhat sluggish and noisy during slicing. The serrated edge on the blade makes it difficult to sharpen.

Summary: We love that this slicer cuts precisely and is easy to clean, but we feel that is lacks power over similar models.
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Best Choice Products® New 10" Blade Commercial De...

Pros: Provides 240 watts of power and a 10-inch stainless steel blade with built-in sharpener, making it ideal for commercial applications and even large slicing jobs at home.

Cons: This powerful slicer weighs 49 pounds, and is not for people who are new to using this type of machine. Its large size and extremely sharp blade make cleaning it a challenge.

Summary: Though this slicer is best for use by professionals, its quality construction and power make it ideal for commercial slicing.
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Nesco FS-250 180-watt Food Slicer with 8.7-Inch Bl...

Pros: With 180 watts of power and a 8.7-inch serrated blade made of hardened steel, it cuts large pieces of meats, cheeses, and vegetables effortlessly. Features dual switches for safety and a thickness control knob for customized slicing.

Cons: At 13 pounds, it is several pounds heavier than other models, making it somewhat awkward for home use. The large blade makes it difficult to store in compact areas.

Summary: A great slicer for large jobs and commercial use, though some owners might find it too powerful for basic slicing.
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Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slice...

Pros: Offers the power and affordability with all the features of more costly models. The solid cast iron construction houses a 7.5-inch blade and rugged 150-watt motor. The unit feels solid and the mechanisms run smoothly.

Cons: Somewhat complicated to take apart for cleaning. Tools are needed for removing the screws that hold the unit together.

Summary: The best value for your money. Gets the job done as quickly and as efficiently as most of its higher priced rivals.