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NETGEAR N600 Wi-Fi DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Router

Pros: Unlike most competitors, this is a dual-band WiFi router and cable modem in one convenient package. Supports wireless hard drive sharing among devices.

Cons: Nearly twice as pricey as many of its competitors.

Summary: Satisfied customers don't mind spending a bit more for a fast, efficient modem that easily handles many devices at once.
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Zoom 5341 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem 5341J

Pros: A solid choice for its generous download and upload speeds - not to mention connectivity to newer and older Windows and Mac computers.

Cons: The ultra-bright LED lights, which brighten up any room at night, can be a bit annoying.

Summary: A top contender for its reasonable price tag and reliable results among most cable providers.
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Linksys Advanced DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

Pros: Provides consistent, reliable service for a very affordable price. Stands out for its simple setup and lightning-fast broadband connectivity in any home or office.

Cons: This modem's Link light continuously flashes -- an annoyance to a handful of customers.

Summary: Without a doubt the best value for your money. A well-rounded modem that will perform well and last a long time.
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Motorola 16x4 Cable Modem + AC1900 WiFi Gigabit Ro...

Pros: Easy and straightforward installation. Compact size.

Cons: Not compatible with Comcast. The device also runs a bit hot.

Summary: It's not flashy, but this modem gets the job done and is reliable over time. The Netgear just edges it out because it is a newer version.
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ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable...

Pros: A top choice for its super-fast download and upload speeds - made especially for those that stream HD Video content. Compatible with all major cable providers.

Cons: Is not compatible with Cox Cable out of the box, but it can be configured to work.

Summary: Undoubtedly the best modem on the market right now. You'll get a tremendous boost in performance and speed when using this modem.