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Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black

Pros: The leading fitness technology brand. Uses cutting-edge technology to track a variety of activities, including sleep patterns. Gets top marks for its compact size and Bluetooth and sync capabilities.

Cons: This model is more costly than other pedometers. Because of its small size, it can be easy to misplace.

Summary: A top-of-the-line pedometer that offers the latest technology by a company that stands by its products. Its many features and functions make it worth the price.
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Striiv Smart Pedometer

Pros: Excellent and easy to use touch screen. Features extensive syncing capabilities that will allow you to analyze your performance in great detail on a computer.

Cons: Users that don't link it to their computers won't get the most benefits from the Striiv Smart's tracking abilities.

Summary: A complex model that may be too much for people who are not tech-savvy or just want a basic pedometer.
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Highly Accurate - 98 to 99% - Yamax Power Walker E...

Pros: We give it top marks for being an accurate, no-frills pedometer by a company that has been making them for 40 years. It is basic to use, has a 30-day memory, and will track in any position.

Cons: The unit is not waterproof. The reset button is very sensitive, resulting in accidental resets.

Summary: Though it lacks the bells and whistles of other models, we recommend it for users who want a basic pedometer.
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Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer

Pros: We love that it operates silently and can be clipped to clothing or carried in a pocket or purse. Can be used while walking, running, or doing aerobics and will monitor numerous movements.

Cons: A bulky model that is not as streamlined as others. With a 7-day memory, the Omron HJ-112 doesn't track as long as other models.

Summary: A durable, accurate pedometer by a trusted company. We recommend it for people who don't use computer technology to monitor their fitness goals.
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Ozeri 4x3sport Pocket 3D Pedometer and Activity Tr...

Pros: Offers full features for a great value. Patented Steps2Target technology records steps even in a pocket. Memory lasts 30 days and can record up to 1 million steps between resets.

Cons: Somewhat larger and more awkward to use than other models. The clip is not very sturdy.

Summary: An accurate, versatile, and easy-to-read pedometer that offers current tracking technology for a bargain price.