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Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover, King

Pros: The shredded memory foam in the Coop Home Goods pillow gives great support, and sleepers can adjust the pillow to conform to their individual needs. It is well constructed and durable.

Cons: The pillow may feel too lumpy for some sleepers. It is washable, but takes a long time to dry.

Summary: Most users report being very satisfied with this pillow, especially those who like a pillow that stays cool while they sleep.
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Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, Traditio...

Pros: The Sleep Better Iso-Cool pillow is filled with memory foam, but the outer cover senses changes in body temperature and cools or warms accordingly.

Cons: The pillow may be too firm for some sleepers, and the cover may be a little stiff.

Summary: Customers give this pillow high marks for good support, as well as staying cool. They have noted the cooling effect may not last very long, and it's not good for sleepers who want a cool pillow all the time.
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Serta Perfect Sleeper Standard/Queen Bed Pillows 3...

Pros: The Serta Perfect Sleeper pillows are decent quality pillows for the price. They are fluffy and of medium firmness.

Cons: Users say the pillows go flat after a short time and the seams may come apart.

Summary: This is an affordable pillow, but isn't truly outstanding. Users have said the pillow will fluff back if it goes flat.
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Perfect Fit 233 Thread-Count Firm Density Quilted ...

Pros: The Perfect Fit Firm Density pillow is good for back sleepers and does have a firm feel. The sidewalls help keep the pillow from going flat.

Cons: Seams may come apart, according to some users. Also, the pillow may be too firm for some sleepers.

Summary: An affordable pillow of good quality. Buyers will want to consider whether the pillow is firm enough, or if it's too firm.
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Buckwheat Pillow - 100% Organic Filling AND Case -...

Pros: The Buckwheat Pillow hulls allow for air circulation and keep the pillow cool. The hulls also conform to the sleeper's neck and head and provide good support.

Cons: Some users say the buckwheat hulls are noisy and inhibit sleep, and that the hulls may also shift during sleep.

Summary: The Buckwheat Pillow is lightweight and shapes easily to the sleeper's individual head and neck. It stays cool, which is a plus for those who like the cool side of the pillow.