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SportDOG SD-425 FieldTrainer A-Series 500 Yard Remote Trainer

Pros: Suitable for both household pets and working dogs, with a 500 yard remote range and a very compact waterproof receiver unit. Great for field training hunting dogs.

Cons: One of the more expensive behavioral training systems on the market. We would not recommend it for dogs under 12 pounds.

Summary: A professional-level piece of equipment which features a number of distance commands and reinforcements not found on other dog collars. We strongly recommend it for medium to large dogs.
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Epica Remote Dog Training Collar Shock and Vibrati...

Pros: Uses a dual-channel remote, so training two dogs at one time is possible. The receivers can deliver both vibrations and static shocks to each dog separately.

Cons: The low level static shock setting is very powerful. Some owners of long-haired dogs report difficulty maintaining good contact with the probes.

Summary: A great midrange product, especially for owners of two or more household pets. Users should be comfortable with the idea of static shock correction because the settings can be higher than expected.
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PetSafe Yard & Park Remote Dog Trainer, PDT00-1247...

Pros: Uses both positive and negative tones for corrective reinforcement. Collar is waterproof and ideal for outside training. Generous 400 yard (or more) remote range.

Cons: May cause confusion if used in conjunction with an invisible fence system. Not suitable for dogs weighing under 8 pounds.

Summary: Offers both positive and negative reinforcement tones, unlike other models that only deliver negative static shocks or tones. We highly recommend it for owners who routinely take their pets to parks.
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Petrainer Advanced No Bark Dog Training Electric S...

Pros: Bark correction starts with electronic tone, not static shock. Collar should fit most dog breeds, and the sensitivity level can be easily adjusted up or down.

Cons: Unit is extremely sensitive by default, but this can be adjusted using the sensitivity settings.

Summary: While it may be limited to anti-barking training, it is an affordable alternative to more expensive systems. We especially appreciate the more humane gradated approach to bark correction.
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Dogwidgets® DW-3 Rechargeable Remote Electronic D...

Pros: Many dogs respond well to the vibration setting alone. Uses both rubber and metal contacts to minimize shock levels. 600 foot remote range is ideal for backyard and indoor behavior training.

Cons: The collar is designed to accommodate medium to large dogs - not smaller indoor dogs. The numbers on the remote can be confusing, leading to larger shocks than intended.

Summary: An affordable behavioral correction system that offers more than just static shock. Pet owners should become very familiar with remote settings before using.