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MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler

Pros: Extremely effective. The superfine mist this inhaler produces is great for clearing congestion and sinus pressure.

Cons: Takes only distilled water.

Summary: The best on the market.<br>The superfine mist will be desirable for many users, but they should be cautioned to use only distilled water in the unit.
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Gurin Steam Inhaler

Pros: This inhaler has a variable steam setting and is suitable for aromatherapy.

Cons: Instructions are confusing and durability is an issue.

Summary: Provides variable steam settings and does not produce steam that is too hot. A great value if you are on a budget.
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Mabis Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer

Pros: Has an aromatherapy tank so users can add essential oils for extra therapeutic benefits. It provides good steam for congestion or a facial.

Cons: Instructions may be confusing for users, and assembly may be complex.

Summary: The aromatherapy option helps users cope with congestion. Overall, however, the MyPurMist is more effective.
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Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

Pros: Produces a lot of steam to help clear congestion; can be used with aroma pads. Very affordable.

Cons: Steam may be too hot; we caution users to be careful .

Summary: A good, all-purpose inhaler for people with nearly any kind of congestion in their sinuses or lungs.
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Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

Pros: Produces abundant, hot steam and includes a facial attachment for opening pores, as well as for clearing congestion.

Cons: Users may have difficulty assembling the unit because the parts might be flimsy.

Summary: This inhaler can be used with plain water - or water with essential oils or aroma pads. It also has variable steam settings.