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Karman Healthcare S-305 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

Pros: Off the charts in terms of comfort and adjustability. Nimble and easy to use, but also incredibly sturdy. High-quality, breathable fabric.

Cons: On the more expensive side of the spectrum, but your body will be very thankful for the investment.

Summary: The best on the market right now. Its quality of construction and design make it an excellent choice for a multitude of uses and users.
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Medline K1 Basic Elevating Wheelchairs, RDLA

Pros: Sturdy - good for a range of weights. Light, nimble and easy to adjust from in the chair. Easy to assemble.

Cons: Leg adjusters are touchy. The unit is tough to fold and store. Not a good chair for typical, everyday use.

Summary: Another good option for day trips and going to the store. There's a lot to like about the Medline, and it's a fine choice.
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Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair with Flip Bac...

Pros: Folds together and is easily portable. Chair is wide enough for most but remains easy to use and is comfortable for long periods.

Cons: Is heavier than expected. Issues exist with durability. Many parts are plastic when they should perhaps be made of metal.

Summary: A terrific, good-looking option (it comes in a choice of colors). Best suited for light use - anything more might be too much.
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Self Transport Folding Wheelchair with Footrests, ...

Pros: Comfortable and maneuverable. Elevating leg rests are a plus. Comes fully assembled, aside from leg rests.

Cons: Best suited for shorter people. Strong odor reported at delivery. Chair is heavy and too small for an average adult.

Summary: An excellent option for most, but those that are tall or less independent might need a bigger model.
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Invacare LightWeight Tracer EX2 Wheelchair 20" wit...

Pros: Stout and sturdy, but also comfortable and lightweight. Assembles and folds with ease. No gimmicks or frills.

Cons: Chair is heavy for some, and breaking it down for storage can be difficult as a result.

Summary: A fine option for day trips and short-term use, but there are better choices for those in need every minute of every day.