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Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat

Pros: Its unique premium rubber material makes it a top choice for slip prevention and provides added durability in tougher sessions.

Cons: There is a strong initial chemical/rubber smell -- it often vanishes with several uses.

Summary: The best yoga mat available. More expensive than other mats, but its cushioning and performance makes it worth the extra cost.
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Gaiam Cherry Blossom Printed Yoga Mat

Pros: Its textured non-slip surface makes this mat a must-have for beginners seeking excellent traction.

Cons: Questionable long-term reliability.

Summary: Various color and style options catch the eye, but it doesn't hold up as well over time as some of the other mats on the market.
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Black NPR Yoga Mat 68x24x1/2"

Pros: Thicker cushioning and higher density material -- ideal for impact absorption and balance -- separates this mat from competitors.

Cons: Several customers complain that this mat wears too quickly and lacks sufficient grip.

Summary: An attractive price tag lures budget-conscious consumers, but the mat wears out faster than its slightly pricier counterparts and has a more slippery surface.
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YogaAccessories 1/4'' Extra Thick High Density Yog...

Pros: Customers rave over this mat's plush cushioning and the fact that it comes in multiple sizes.

Cons: Not sticky enough when you are perspiring heavily.

Summary: A decent yoga mat, but the Aurorae and Jade offer a higher level of cushioning and comfort.
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Aurorae Yoga Mats - Ultra Thick, Extra Long

Pros: A best bet for cushioning joints and knees thanks to a durable 1/4-inch thickness.

Cons: Can get slippery, especially during tougher sessions.

Summary: Extremely durable. Offers ample length, grip, and cushioning. Perfect for both beginners and more advanced users. The best value for your money.